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He's the lead singer of Orgy.
Well, duh.
He's almost 40 and still looking way hot.
But don't tell Ashley I said that. ;)
Jay Gordon wears silver lipstick!
by licia June 23, 2004
The lead singer from orgy. he is absolutley fuckin gorgeous and i would hit that any day. his voice is dead sexy too and his music fuckin rocks. not to mention that hes the only guy ive ever seen that looks hella fine with makeup on.
Damn girl, Jay Gordon is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fine!
by prettygirl March 22, 2004
the most sexy fine assed beast to walk this earth, consider his music, talent and well-endowment to be a blessing....he can park his car in my garage anyday ;) he can be my doorknob cause i'd like to have a turn...if you disagree you are both blind and deaf...
JAYS PANTS!!!!! mmmmm.....drool.....
If Jay Gordon was a nail, I'd be his hammer, cause I'd pound him anyday!!!!
by manda & tamara January 24, 2004
The lead singer from the band Orgy. He is incredibly stuck up, loves attention, and is very arrogant. While he may be good looking, his attitude ruins that. At the age of 37, he still needs his dad to do just about everything for him.
Jay Gordon is an arrogant whiny loser.
by MissIndustrial June 03, 2004
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