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1. A thoroughly contemptible person who believes that their detailed knowledge of a particular trade, profession or group, translates into a superior knowledge of all industries. This typically manifests as a person who rudely patronizes another for not knowing the exact details that comprise the jargass’s industry.

2. A person who uses industry slang as a method of displaying intellectual superiority over another.


First used in 2010 by Cato. 1300–50; ME jargoun < MF; OF jargon, gargun, deriv. of an expressive base. + 1350–1400; ME arshole anus
“What a jargass, that guy looked at me like I was a total idiot because I grabbed form 2435-cd-vx and not 2435-cd-vy.
“That Jargass tried to win the debate by using the words, “supply-side economics”, and “trickle down economy” over and over even though they were completely irrelevant to the question.
by -Cato- July 26, 2010
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