Jareds tend to be very tall, and very attractive. They have a hipster style, mixed with a little bit of rock. Jareds usually are very intelligent, and can be very overprotective in a serious situation. He knows how to treat a girl, and can always tell how girls feel just by hearing their voices. If you ever start dating a Jared, never let him go.
Girl 1: Did you see what Jared is wearing today?

Girl2 2: omg, yes! He's so adorable! I just want to take off his beanie and ruffle his hair!

Girl 1: I know right!

Girl 2: If he ever asks me out its a definite yes!
by nickiminajared December 28, 2012
the action of someone that has a firecracker up their butt then is lighted by someone else that has the lighter in their mouth.
WTF is that guy doing? oh, he must be a Jared!
by lustifar January 06, 2012
Jared: Usually refered to as boring, crazy, One worded conersations. Boring coming from the Russian word "Borden".
Friends with audreys, luke enemy, Very hot.
Likes Oranges
Dude Jared is totally making me crazy.
by Jamaica789 December 08, 2011
a stupid fucker who can't even get dressed in the morning.
he likes hitting on married women and invariably gets beaten by their husbands.
he is usually retarded and likes literally eating shit.
that man just beat his wife's jared.
by gerard_capshen123 November 21, 2013
Noun, a person who mentions the niceness of tyler's genitalia, which was meaty and large.
"Other Says: Was tyler's cock nice?
Jared Says: I don't want to say it was nice, BUT IT WAS NICE."
by Colinnoahandother June 26, 2011
Jared is a massive nob, he always wears stripes and thinks its really cool to wear a grey blazer with grey skinny jeans.. although it looks pretty fit ;)
he has the most horrendous laugh.. but i hear it all the time cause i am hilare! although he would argue that he's funnier.
all the girls want him and he blates knows it..
Such a lad, but such a babe. One of my bestest friends, love him lots!! Hahah
Love you Jaaaarrrrr <3
Me: Nice ring Jared ;)
Jared: *Gay little laugh that he does*
Android 4 lyf bbz!! <3
by Meer_Jeff October 18, 2011
A little baby who got burnt, drowned an killed by his mum mary.
Jareds gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jareds gonna burn!!!!!!!!
Jareds gonna drown!!!!!
Did you hear that Jared got buried in a shallow grave
Oh Jared!! not again!!!!
by querda July 10, 2011
a hairy homeless midget who never showers. It lives under bridges, it's diet consists of toothpaste & waffles. Very vicious and does not make a good pet.
Girl: I had a pet Jared once, i had to get rid of it though.
Boy: Why?
Girl: It smelled horrible and ate all my toothpaste. Then it tried to bite me.
Boy: You poor thing...
by A Very Amazing Person. (: December 19, 2010

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