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A person of half Japanese and half Mexican decent ({Jap}anese/Me{xican}). Often characterized by being extremely cute, charming, and intelligent.
Justine is a Japxican.
by RossC02 February 03, 2008
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A person whose mother Japanese and their father Mexican (or vice versa). Usually has a tannish yellow skin color.
One of my friends is a Jap-xican. She is very short, but the tallest of the people in her family. She does not speak Japanese or Spanish which I find strange. She acts white, but she's yellow!
by Mick E. Mouse April 12, 2011
4 3
A person who is half japanese and half mexican
Her dad is japanese and her mom is mexican, thus she is japxican
by Marxia June 22, 2006
23 29