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A Japanese Subway refers to anybody who get's extremely close to you in a public place, resulting in them jacking you off to ejaculation without pulling down your shorts or trousers. Purely by rubbing against you.
This scenario could make people feel very uncomfortable, similar to the experience of riding in a Japanese Subway packed with people beyond reasonable occupancy.
To others, A Japanese Subway could make or break your day.
"Hey bro, why are you standing so close to me? Are you trying to give me a Japanese Subway?"

"Listen here sir, Japanese Subway's to come cheap. NOW PAY UP!"

If one more person, Japanese Subway's all over me, I'm gonna go F'ing crazy!
by cougarTom March 03, 2011
When you connect pvc pipe to a females pussy and throw micro-machines down the pipe creating a subway.

Hot Wheels are the best for this type of usage. There wheels are built to penetrate a womens pussy lips!
Japanese Subway is the only way to travel!
by Bes Wailey April 25, 2008