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The country that occupied Korea for 35 years. They tried to take over the country and make it into Japan. They mistreated the Koreans, stole the Korean culture including foods, traditions, customs, and many other. Japan copied many things off of Korea and China and they're not their own. Sushi was originally a Korean food if you go way back. It's really sad that Japan is known as the "sushi country" when Koreans are the ones who actually created sushi. Japan is a fucked up country, not trying to be rude, but they did so many horrible things in the world. Now, they're trying to take Dokdo, a Korean island, because it has good resources. Losers. I'm not saying Japanese people are bad, but the government? or what do you call it? The people planning these horrible things. All Asian countries around them hate Japan. Their electronics suck. The designs being so ugly. Japanese girls are scary with all the plastic surgery and they're crazy about facial stuff and making their eyes big with these stuff. They go crazy over "cute stuff" like Hello Kitty which isn't cute at all. They make my head hurt.
Oh no! Japan is eating hamburgers! :O
by jennyanderson August 15, 2009

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