In WWII the japenese use to slap P.O.W's execively as a means of interagateing their suspects. So, the term Jap Slap became popular in that era just as a reference to slapping someone.
HAHA you got Jap Slaped by the cops.
by b from the bay December 15, 2005
When a person is slapped twice across the face, and the repercussions are equivalent to that of two atomic bombs- Hiroshima and Nagasaki style!
I was sitting here minding my own business, and I heard the kids making noise, so I jap slapped my BITCH ASS wife across the room.
by Da Home Skillet December 13, 2010
definition 1: When you slap someone with your penis, normally around the face.

Definition 2: To be slapped on the end of the penis.
Dude1: dude you just hit me on the end of my dick.
Dude2: ye man you got Jap-slapped
by Danhan December 29, 2007
Coming from old war movies wherein the American Soldier is being interrogated by the Chinks... basically as the American soldier starts to say something he is backhanded... This repeats until he emotionally breaks down...This word also comes to mind when i think about some of the stuff jessica simpson says... The other thing that comes to mind when i think about Jessica is hot steamy sex.
American Soldier : "Sho- *SLAP*"...
American Soldier : "Sho- *SLAP*"...
etc etc
by Jap Slap June 25, 2004
To strike a person, usually on the head, with both hands on either side of the head
I want to Jap slap him
by Big Tom April 30, 2005
To strike someone -- who *really* has it coming -- in the face with the back of the hand. JAP = Jewish-American-Princess.
If you don't shut-the-fuck-up, I'm gonna JAP slap you into next week!
by WonderShe June 10, 2006
to slap someone in the crotch wilst only hitting their japseye. Quite a skillfull feat and has to be done right otherwise it is just like getting hit in the balls. Performers of the move should be comended even by the victim.
"awwww did you see that jap slap mark got john with... it was sooo skilful musta hurt like a bitch."
by theknowledge April 28, 2007
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