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Mythical creature that lurks in the swamplands of mukilteo, WA, and is known to enjoy questing. Thought to have drifted to this land from hawaii many years ago. Only known weakness is the crusher of dreams. (Not to be confused with its close relative, the norwegian ice-janununuh) Rare, so-called, sightings occur, though no photographic evidence has been collected thus far. Some compare its secrecy to that of the loch ness monster. Also said to be extremely sexy. Beware; if you see the wild janununuh, DO NOT approach it, it may attack if threatened. In such a case, simply stand your ground and make yourself seem as big as possible, so that while it mauls you to bits, you'll have seemed to put up a fight. I warn you, there is no escaping the janununuh, once it has picked up your scent, it will inevitably find you; you are doomed. That is all.
by dundundunnnnn March 21, 2011
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