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A super trendy celebutante who makes both tabloids and gossip columns. Paris Hilton is definitely a Jannette. Lindsay Lohan, not so much of a Jannette.
Q. Who's that blond chick with the 4 inch stilettos? I've seen her EVERYWHERE!

A. You don't know her? She's the latest Jannette.
by Soupertrendy September 29, 2011
She is a 4 ft tall bundle of cuteness and energy, usually has brown fur, pointy teeth, and fuzzy ears. She is a creature with a very loud mating call and her prince will always answer her siren voice.
Girl 1: Hey look it's Jannette!
Girl 2: I want to be just like her

Boy 1: Hey look its my future wife I must answer her mating call.
by Meatso June 16, 2009