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Mediocre Canadian techno. Often peppered with bad synth plugins and improper arrangement. Constantly refuses to employ the use of advanced digital recording techniques. Repeated use of claps and un-required hi-hats.
Girl 1: Hey i heard JPEG is headling "Jank Fest"
Girl 2: Whats "Jank Fest?"
Girl 1: Its a Jank Step music festival
Girl 2: Oh well OMJ should be headlining then.
Dave: Does anyone have pants ?
by Jankfest February 23, 2011
A quick 7 step dance move created by the Ultimate Janksters themselves (Savannah & Emily).

To learn read the directions that follow:
1: Frame your genitals with forward hip thrust

2: Spin in a 360 degree counter clockwise motion
3: Drop it low and swing that ass to the right simultaneously
4: High knee to the left

5: High knee to the right
6: Power pose #1 (e.g: superman pose, ghetto gang symbol pose, uber thrust, The Thinker pose etc)
7: Power pose # 2 (must be different from first power pose)

Fine print: this quick 7 step dance move is best done with an able bodied partner, in which case you should mirror each other's bodies to create a dance so enigmatic no one can resist your sex appeal.

Dude, did you see those girls do the Jank-Step at that party? I had an instant erection I couldn't lose for weeks bro!

Sista, you got that Jank-Step on LOCK! i knoooow my brutha be lookin at chu gurl frand uh huh.
by Ultimate Janksters October 17, 2011