An awesome kid that's just amazing at life and always doubts herself. 'Nuff said
Person 1: Hey you see that girl over there? She's such a Janani.

Person 2: Man, why can't I be like that?
by Anon3mous May 23, 2012
The name Janani has many meanings. It is primarily derived from the Sanskrit word meaning mother, and eternal knowledge, but is also associated with Hindu goddesses, mainly Durga. The name Janani also means heart and soul in Arabic.

Janani is extremely beautiful, attracting attention wherever she goes without even trying. She has a smile that lights up everything around her and people get drawn to her constantly. She is fun, optimistic and very intelligent but very stubborn and not to be messed with! By nature, she will surely succeed at everything she sets her mind to.
Person 1: Wow, that girl is amazing..
Person 2: Yeah, that's Janani.
by the referee 369 February 10, 2014
A woman of extraordinary lure and a woman whose beauty and charm, inspires great affinity. A girl who can make you have the time of your life!! You're lucky if you even know a Janani.
Janani is the pinnacle of perfection.
by Mikky R February 10, 2014
Sanskrit word meaning "mother". Indian origin
Her mother is called Janani
by Janani February 10, 2005
A Janani is someone who complains about everything.
Person A: I just ate a caesar salad for lunch and I think I am getting fat!
Person B: Stop being a Janani!
by JayKol June 01, 2014
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