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to obliterate, destroy, or annihilate;

to wreck or ruin;

to outplay, beat, or defeat;

to have sex with;

Jamption | Jamptastic | Jampting
The ecosystem in the Gulf of Mexico was jampt by BP.

The Giants jampt the Patriots perfect season.

Matt jampt Chris in a game of chess.

Jason jampt Allie last night.
by Kirbiliscious November 21, 2010
12 2
To become totally excited and pumped when listening to a certain song. It puts you in a mood where one feels they can do anything and are ready to take on the horrors of the world.

Normally following the use of the word the user will shout enthusiastically.
"When listening to that song I became totally JAMPT. I'm ready to DOOO this, let's GO! WOOOO!"
by Jennifer "Jumper" May 06, 2007
3 12