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Jammee is a hobo that is to be found at every bus stop. She has a trolley full empty jam jars which are a variety of flavours such as peach, strawberry and banana jam.
Nathan - I want Jammee to be spread all over my toast.
by Ninja'ing your face. May 29, 2012
An indian girl who wears a purple turban and has a pedo van and roams the streets of Malaysia with a Nina.
Nathan - Jammee, you dah sexxayyy!
by ninaja'ing May 29, 2012
Jammee is such a beautiful girl.

She is a boy magnet.
She can also be the next Einstein.
She da sexayyyy.
Whoa, who dat guuurl? Jammee is sah pritts bruh, sah pritts.
by Ninja'ing your face. May 29, 2012
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