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A sweet girl with a cheery disposition on life, love and friendship. A cute girl.
Frank: That girl seems really nice
Tom: Oh yea she's such a Jamie.

Frank: So was she hot or what?
Tom: Cute smile great body, she was such a Jamie.
by Hice April 21, 2008
-Getting jamie'd

The act of moving in to a group of people in such a manner that it excludes members of the group from the conversation.
"blah blah blah... "(guy cuts in) "I just got Jamie'd!"
by UJustGotJamied March 16, 2010
a thing that is used when someone is being weird you use a jamie when someone is being gay
hey look hes being gay lets use a jamie
by phaith procter December 07, 2010
A greedy, cheeky piece of work who won't share her yoghurt with me, but puts on a nice front in front of everyone else. I bet she'd give you a yoghurt; just not me.
Crooksy: Can I have a mango yoghurt?
Jamie: I want the mango. You can have the blueberry one.
Crooksy: I don't like blueberry yoghurts.
Jamie: I don't care.
by CrooksyfromGlasgow April 12, 2010
A person who is mentally challenged and has a funny hair cut. He is the guy with huge "man cans" and fortunatly for him can pretend to b a chick so he can hav guys hand over his "cans".
< Jamie dressed up in a dress>
Guy: do u want to go in the other room?
Jamie: yeah of course want to touch my...
by Huzzlpuff October 03, 2010
a. An amazing guy who's best friend happens to be a girl who's hopelessly in love with him.

b. Jamie and the aforementioned best friend are going to get married, according to 95% of the high school population.
a. My Lord, she's been in love with Jamie for years!

b. You know Jamie's going to marry her someday.
by xBabyItsFact. May 01, 2009
a out of control, retard. who enjoys singing way to much even tho it is her worst quality. but still loveable in every way :)
god that girl wont shut up ! must be a jamie !
by most awesome. October 14, 2010
1) Has the biggest moobs ever
2) Is as hard as a snowball in a microwave
3) Has major sneezes: he invented swine flu
4) Total sex god
1) Look at the Jamies on that bad-boy
2) Look at that Fittie!
Hes such a Jamie!!
by JamieLover111 July 19, 2010