A sweet girl with a cheery disposition on life, love and friendship. A cute girl.
Frank: That girl seems really nice
Tom: Oh yea she's such a Jamie.

Frank: So was she hot or what?
Tom: Cute smile great body, she was such a Jamie.
by Hice April 21, 2008
calls himself a 'mad sexy cunt' , has a mullet and stretched ear. rides a scooter. says the word coolios. perve. likes monopoly, lives in warnbro.
"hey whos that kid riding a scooter?"

"must be a jamie."
by shanae1996 October 23, 2011
A name commonly used for girls in America. However, English Jamies are DEFINATELY BOYS and there should be no confusion as to their gender.
Person 1: "Hey, have you heard about that Jamie person?"
Person 2: "Yeah, I heard he definitely had a penis and absolutely no female genitalia"
by MaleJamie December 02, 2013
A flat face bitch that will easily get on your nerves. The resort of getting away from her is leaving the country and making no contact with her.
Guy 1: "Hey Dude see that girl over there?"

Guy 2: "Yeah don't talk to her, she's a Jamie."
by rj blackburger June 10, 2013
A guy with a massive dick and loves pussy
jamie loves sticking his big dick in pussy
by Peter_Griffinisverygay February 11, 2013
Big ass haired girl. Who uses pantene not herbal essence because it makes her poop her pants. Also, she likes to throw that poop.
Guy: Dude I totally banged a Jamie last night but her hair in the way.
Guy 2: Dude at least she had a lot of hair to grab on.
by juliahellnaw2 January 30, 2012
A super sweet, super hilarious person with MAGENTA hair. Pink and bunnies are the best thing ever to Jamie.
Wow, did you dye your hair? That looks like something a Jamie would do.
by LILLINA October 22, 2011
(noun): used to describe blonde's with big breasts and psychopathic tendencies; like (fishing, skeet shooting, riding four wheelers and dating chubby kids)
That girl is such a Jamie, she's all riding four wheelers and shit.
by LeekALottaLabia August 01, 2011

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