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good from far and far from good
woww thats a jamie
by fdafdsff September 29, 2009
1. One who Creeps, but yet is not lame.
2. Creeper
That girl stalking you is clearly a Jamie. However, I want to hang out with her.
by 34reid March 15, 2009
A sex god who is a formidable kisser. he scroes highly with the ladies at around a eight. overall the dogs
woooooo there goes a jamie.
by matt horton October 13, 2008
To sit on a couch which is already full or has no more space on it.
You just Jamied that couch or don't Jamie this couch.
by austin lashton April 19, 2009
a BOYS name :)
Cool Person: Where's Jamie?
Idiot: She's over there.
Cool Person: Jamie's a boy.
*Cool person and Jamie kick the idiot to the moon*
by AnyaRose February 11, 2009
a skinny guy who enjoys scootering in his free time.
"wow what a dork. that 15 year old is riding a scooter in public."

"i bet he's a Jamie."
by tanning on my patio May 14, 2009
Biggest fuckin slut you will ever meet. Also referred to as a dick pin cushion
that prostitute over there looks like a jamie
by i fuckin hate jamie March 12, 2010