Well, most of them match me except for the beautful and blue eyes. I have brown lol This was an encouraging definition
haha I would make a wonderful wife I think. Well, that is what my fiance says;p
by Jami January 15, 2005
A lebanese prostitute currently on the west coast. Notable features can include an overly large nose that at times may apppear to be highly injured and broken. Signature features of the nose include an excessivly narrow, paperlike septum, a large, protruding bridge.Hair is permed and straightened making it nappy, and disgusting.Some reports tell that creatures have been found living not only in her hair, but also her cooch. Eyes are large, beady, brown and often caked in glitter and horrible, cheap eyeshadow and eyeliner that looks like someone put eyeliner pencil between their asscheeks and put it on her eyes. Has seen more penis than mens underwear.
Jami living somewhere in america
by shakakkakakaka July 13, 2008
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