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A word used by idiotic wastes-of-life intended to mean 'a hard man', when in actuality to most people it would appear to be somebody who specialises in fondling fruit preserve.
Lewis Peake: yee dnt mess pal hahaha i no sum rite grippers ye wt u gna do???? haha i dnt mess about me lad ye uno it rite wt u gna do u scrawni lil tit

Me: What?


Me: Sorry pal, I don't know who you are or what it is you think I have done.

Lewis Peake: it funny tht lad cos I NO SUM RITE JAMHANDLERS yee

Me: All I know is you're are a colossal dick head. Or don't you quite understand that? Would you like me to simplify?
In a short sentence: Go fuck yourself.
#jamhandler #jam #handler #lewis #peake #sex #toast #strawberry #raspberry #marmalade #idiot #moron #chav #waste of space
by The Russian Roller July 17, 2010
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