When a guy has lost all faith that a girl likes him..but if he is good enough he can win the girl and end up dating her or doing stuff with her...like james bond in all or almost all bond films, the girl usually starts out hating him and swearing that they wont touch him...but near the middle or end he always gets the girl doesnt he?
guy 1: hey man, i heard that joe got with michelle last night even after she told him and everyone she didnt like him?

guy 2: yah man he pulled a james bond!

guy 1: sweeeeeet
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James Bond is a fictional character created by Ian Fleming. Ian Fleming wrote the James Bond books at first then in time United Artists - UA created the movies, until MGM took them over, James Bond movies are still in production up to date, until someone decides that he be killed.
James Bond.
by HarryPothead February 09, 2003
Dude who gets laid in every Fucking movie
Sean CoNNery is such a James Bond
#sean connery #sex #lucky #brittish #daniel craig #007
by THE people Brothers November 14, 2008
The only British person who actually sounds cool when he speaks.
You can't get much smoother than "The name's Bond. James Bond."
by bigtones September 26, 2004
A british secret service agent that acquires mad ass and kills lots of things all the while keeping his cool.
James Bond in Ian Flemmings "From Russia With Love"
by Unknown December 03, 2003
A karate chop, usually to the back of the head.
I wanted to get into the show so I james bonded the bouncer.
by Jonrad September 11, 2005
Fictional British secret agent created by writer Ian Fleming in the 1950s. In 1962 the first Bond movie, Dr. No, was released. As of 2004 there have been 20 Bond movies (even more than that if you count the "unofficial" Bond movies like Casino Royale and Never Say Never Again) released, with even more in production. Bond is known all over the world for using cool gadgets, driving fast cars, romancing beautiful women, and drinking vodka martinis (shaken, not stirred). Women want him, and men want to be him.
"My name is Bond, James Bond."
by Deej July 20, 2004
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