A person any man could be jealous of
All the women he gets
by Corey September 15, 2003
Verb: To have sex with a woman and kill a man in the same day.
Chris killed Dr. Schniten and screwed his secratary; he pulled a james bond.
by Don Mattingley May 16, 2008
A bad ass white guy wit tricks like whoa, but then again who wouldnt be a bad ass with all that sweet shizit.
Damn James Bond is a bad mofo, tricking people out they damn minds
by cockeater May 06, 2003
The Absolutely Greatest films ever made. They are the only Movies that make you wanna watch them over and over. They had some bad ones such as Moonraker, but they are still worth watching.

My favorite Bond Is Roger Moore, My favorite Bond Girl is Natalya, and my favorite Villain is Baron Samedi.

My personal list from best to worst...

1.Licence to Kill
3.Live and Let Die
4.You Only Live Twice
8.From Russia, With Love
9.The World Is not Enough
10.Diamonds Are Forever
11.The Man with the Golden Gun
12.Die Another Day
13.For Your Eyes Only
14.The Living Daylights
16.On Her Majesty's Secret Service
17.The Spy who Loved Me
18.A View To a Kill
20.Tommorow Never Dies

Well, There have been different James Bonds over the years:

Sean Connery
George Lazenby
Roger Moore
Timothy Dalton
Pierce Brosnan

and now...

Daniel Craig
by Yellllo November 30, 2005
A fictional British super-agent, who, concidering he was the same man in all of his movies, is supposed to be more than 80 years old in his latest movies.
I swear, I read one of Ian Fleming's books, it says James Bond was born in the 20s.

James Bond is a movie charachter who NEVER gets old.
by Urban_Fellow May 24, 2007
To "James Bond" someone, or give them the "Bond Treatment" is when you have a one night stand, and surreptitiously exit the dorm room/hotel room/bedroom before they wake up, leaving them to arise later on, alone and befuddled. Extra points if you're wearing a tux at the time.
"Oh man. Kevin got home at like 7am. He totally pulled a James Bond on that girl!"
by Binny82 February 15, 2008
A term to describe douchebags in the United States who can't keep their car on the right side of the road.
Hey, James Bond, get off the fucking road!
by Righty007 November 06, 2007
To the idiot with the the definition about only 9 00's, your an idiot. It goes beyond 009, it's not that hard to add 00 to 11 which was in a novel along with 0013. And for God's sake, it's Walther not WALTER.
M replaced James Bond's Beretta with a Walther PPK.
by Pete Emmerich February 28, 2005
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