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A good hearted alien from the planet krypton. He was raised by good hearted parents. He is a superhero named Superman
There goes clark kent changing in a phone booth.
by Aijohn33secenty January 18, 2010
a girl who is rated a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10, but only in the dark... in the light she is actually looks like a fucking dragon
How'd she look on a scale of 1 to 10?

She was a 7 in the dark
In real life she's a fucking dragon
by Aijohn33secenty June 16, 2009
ditching a girl (or guy) cause they are a crazy ass bitch
Dude this girl is so fucking crazy, I have to ditch a bitch
by Aijohn33secenty June 17, 2009
the act of picking up a girl by just saying your name
Where is Max?

Oh he's over there James Bonding that girl
by Aijohn33secenty June 14, 2009
When something of little to large importance occurs you say this word
Hey I just tied my shoelaces, Eyyyyyy
by Aijohn33secenty May 10, 2010
when someone is really tall, but they're not athletic at all so its a waste
Look at Amad, he's 6'3, but sucks at basketball, such a tall-for-nothing.
by Aijohn33secenty January 21, 2010
when you propose to a girl using a ring pop, and end up getting bop
Dude I gave that girl a ring pop and she gave me ring bops
by Aijohn33secenty October 03, 2009

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