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To be "James King'd" is a verb.
Which includes pecking with a rather large nose and sexual harrasment.

ALSO you must be halfblack half white, have a huge nose, and have to be the creepyest kid ever.
Girl- Oh my God!
Boy- What?
Girl- I've just been James King'd!
Boy- By who?
by kaitlyn (= December 03, 2008
James King'd, or doing a James King, is a verb for the stalking, kidnapping, raping and subsequent killing, which more often than not leads to further raping, of small, innocent little children, often, but not in all cases, under the age of 3 years. This is usually completed by the dismemberment and disposal of the victim into several easy to binbag parts.
i)Ermintrude: I lost sight of my little Freddie yesterday; I feared that some one could've James King'd him!

Hyacinth: That's horrible! I heard on the news about a 6-month old baby who disappeared and was found three months later in three different bins!

ii)Hugo: Hey, have you noticed Ted's strange behaviour recently? He's been spending a lot of time at home, and the only time he does come out is to loiter around childrens' parks.

Vincent: Yeah, I think he's planning to do a James King.
by Bertington November 20, 2010

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