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Jalebititis (JAA-LAY-BEE-TIE-TISS) is a medical condition also known as Jalibi Crisis, where one is overcome by the magnetic pull of warm jalebi goodness. The phenomenon was discovered by a Habibi Shah of Peshawar, PK in 2012 when she purposely dosed a friend of hers Mohsin Rehman(world renowned paleontologist) with large quantities of Jalebis.

Jalebititis is the leading cause of obesity in the south asian community post marriage! The wedding day alone has enough jalebis to cause the bride and groom to gain love handles almost by the start of the honeymoon! This process of jalebi to massive fat transfiguration is called Motapa(urdu), Thagdra(Punjabi), or Wazda(Pashto).
Damn girl, chill with them Jalebi's before you get Jalebititis.

Beta, Jalebi na kao, Jalebititis ho jaye ga!

Its about to get Jalebititis up in this piece!
by Master Jalebi May 29, 2012

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