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Jakeman is a perfect person inside and out. he cares about his family, friends and peers. Jakeman can be quite a rebel from time to time especially around his friends. He pulls all the girls but is not a player. Jakeman loves to love and is an amazing boyfriend and any girl would be lucky to have him. he will do all and everything to make his girl happy and will always succeed. he has the sexiest body out and keeps them abs rock hard. Jakeman is the most sporty, caring, sexy, outgoing and sweetest person you'll ever meet. He has the most adorable eyes and has long eyelashes. He loves to play rugby and is a mean tackler, hes a great participant in all sports he plays, hes very fast and is good at thinking strategically. He is always there for his friends and will always have their back. Sometimes Jakeman can make silly decisions but he will always learn from them. Girls, Jakeman is a keeper and deserves the best so give him the best and treat him well and he will give you the best and treat you well in return, there's not many guys like him around so grab him while you can.
Jakeman is so cool and good at sports like you won't believe.
by yourbabe101 November 22, 2013
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