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Some cool kid in khakis. He is also on twitter. Waterbugs.
Guy: ...You'd do that for me? Really!
Wife: Who is that.
Guy: Jake from state farm.
Guy: *Sounds like a really good deal*.
Wife: Jake from state-farm in 3 in the morning, WHO IS THIS
Guy: It's Jake from state-farm.
Wife: What are you wearing "Jake from state farm"
Jake: Ugh... Khakis
Wife: She sounds hideous
Guy: Well she's a guy so...
by Waterbugs November 19, 2013
What you say when someone asks "Who are you?"
Person 1: I think you have the wrong number, who is this?

Person 2: Jake from State Farm.
by Chrome5747 November 17, 2013
what you call a friend when your wife/girlfriend gets jealous and wonders who you have been hanging out with until 3 in the morning.
Who were you with all night? Jake from State Farm
by Cadet 7755 September 02, 2014