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A counter-strike player on 56k.

His connection lets him handle 3 bit packets per second, and approximately 2 vowels and 8 consonants per 3 seconds on the microphone.

See 56k and slow and diol.
God damn this jairs piece of jairs I wish this jairs didn't jairs on me GOD JAIRS DAMN JAIRS THIS!
by sam April 10, 2004
a music loving individual. "Wont stop dont stop for nobody" type of personality. Usually dates few women but is attracted to girls who are just like him and give him a challenge. Will motivate you with few words and have you thinking about him all day. Jairs' usually lack sleep and love food.

Usually paired with a Catherine or Kathryn ( with a stong mind)
Girl1: hey what you doin' today?

Girl2: Lets go to the mall...

Girl1: For what?

Girl2: I need to find myself a Jair soon!
by Jacob McKinly D.r February 03, 2010