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Jewish aids
normal aids cant be used for this type of race so jaids has to come in play...
Jew: Man i just got aids
Trev: No jonny has aids - you have 'Jaids'
Jew: WTF!
Trev: Jewish aids dipshit!
Jew: Oh Okay then
Trev: Im just sayin...
by kymmy babes October 22, 2008
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A loyal friend, someone who you can always count on. She is a shy girl, who is usually pretty, but doesn't know. She is smart. She is always the teachers pet. She is talented at some sports but not all , she is also talented at singing, acting, and being all around kind. She tries to be kind to everyone she meets. She is an all-American girl.
That girl is so nice, she must be a jaid
by Crafty kitty November 09, 2015
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Was Parker talking at the party? No he was being a Jaid.
by jcl135 June 29, 2011
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