1. Someone who is complete waste of human flesh and should not be allowed to take up air or space; 2. Anyone who thinks the term jagoff originated anywhere else but Pittsburgh, where it most definitely had its origin.
1. "I wouldn't even piss on that jagoff if he was on fire in the middle of the street, he's so totally worthless and annoying." 2. "Oh, ah, yes (nose in air), the term "jagoff" has it's roots in the mid-west, specifically originating in Chicago (sniff)."
by Holdmah Koochiekooch March 21, 2008
Basically the same as calling someone a jerk-off or 'jack-off' or 'wanker'.
Watch Casino. This word'll pop up in every scene.
by Kilo Lobo June 14, 2003
A jagoff is the worst thing one can be called in Pittsburgh. Closely related etymologically to jerkoff but much stronger.
Youns see that jagoff down the street?
by d156156156 February 18, 2008
Used in place of "prick" or "asshole."

Mostly in Midwestern American urban centers.
"Benny? That guy's a fucking jag-off."
by Spanky McSquirts May 10, 2006
"Jagoff" (sometimes "jag-off") seems to have originated in Pittsburgh but is also recognized in the Midwest as slang for an inept, feckless, contemptible, or generally worthless person, a loser, a "schlemiel."

The term is almost certainly derived from the verb "jack off" (through noun "jack-off") as in "masturbate," but somewhat like the British use of "wanker," it is usually not a direct comment on self-pleasuring, but more of a general term of contempt or deliberate abuse. Like "wanker," "jagoff" is somewhat vulgar and not to be used lightly, and avoided in cultivated speech, but is recognized by all in the regions in which it has currency.

The book KILLER CLOWN relates that John Wayne Gacy became especially flustered or angry when called a "jagoff." So the police deliberately used that term to throw him off-balance during interrogation.

by al-in-chgo August 18, 2010
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