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A man peeing in a urinal, who attempts to hold a conversation with the man peeing in the urinal next to him. He always makes an attempt at eye contact, and although the conversation attempted is often genuine and interesting, this makes the other man uncomfortable.
A man is pissing... another man walks in and starts pissing in the adjacent urinal. Other man turns towards first man and says "I was in this great workshop today over the lunch hour. If there is any project management workshop I would recommend, it's this one." Staring harder at the first man, he doesn't let up and continues... "seriously dude, I've been to lots of workshops and they blow goats for breakfast..." "Shut the fuck up you jagnagoff!" interrupts the first man. "I don't like you looking at me and chatting while we are both holding our penises."
by diggitydan May 25, 2010
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