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To be trippin in a fashionable manner and/or to describe ones appearance in a negative or positive way depended on tone of the conservation.
Daaaaaannnnng that girl be jaggin.
Hey man you are jaggin right now
by Tullyguymandudebro March 01, 2011
7 3
To be out driving and smoking (Marijuana) in a type of rolling paper like zig-zags or a blunt.
"What up, I just finished rollin' a few joints...wanna go jaggin' later tonight?"
"Hey dude, want to pick up a dank sack and go on a jag tonight?"
by Shawn_M January 16, 2006
44 20
Messing around with somebody. Not meeting ones standards, or not going by what they say; being a hippocrit
"My guys jaggin me"
"You're fuckin jaggin me Murph"
"Look at Murph jaggin"
by Six Three December 10, 2006
16 11
Term used by Dane Cook in his show "Rough Around the Edges", meaning to masturbate.
"Sometimes I'm layin' there and I'm Jaggin', I'm doing my thing." -Dane Cook
by Hardcock February 24, 2008
2 3
acting in a joking manner
"i'm just jaggin ya."

"you're being a jag"
by .sarah. April 06, 2006
8 24