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1) A word used to describe someone who is trashy, or someone who listens to Insane Clown Posse (Juggalo). The trashiness usually comes as a two-for-one deal with ICP music.

2) A word used to describe someone (a)after they have just annoyed you, b()did something stupid, or (c)is trying to talk to you and you don't want to respond right away.
1) Omg, these freaking jaggaloons need to get an education, listen to some real music, and pull up their pants!

2) (a) Omg, go away you freaking jaggaloon!

(b) Omg, look at that stupid jaggaloon!

(c) Omg, hold on you freaking jaggaloon!
by Dizzay October 17, 2010
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black people who are hungry for kfc, niggers that go to bojangles, niglets that go to mcdonalds
i walked into a fast food place
got in line
sat down next to some niggers
got up to go to the bathroom
came back
those damn jaggaloons ate all my fucking food.
by Meow Say Meow April 17, 2010
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