1. An alcholic drink made from combining vodka and Redbull into a cocktail glass, then dropping a shot glass full of Jagermeister into the mix. It is customary to slam the whole drink at once.

2. A jager-bomb kicked up a notch by making it with vodka-infused energy drinks, rather than boring old Redbull.
Poser: "Yo, let's drop some Jager-bombs!"

Walter: "Do you even party? Jager-bombs are for posers, up in here we drop 'Nukes."

Jager-nukes, bro. Jager-nukes.
by Simon Fenwich November 23, 2007
Top Definition
A Jager Nuke is where instead of placing a shot of Jagermeister in a glass of red bull you place a shot of red bull into a glass of Jägermeister. It's predominantly Australian.
Rodger: Hey, want a Jager Bomb?

Clinton: Dude you're weak, we don't do no Jager Bombs here, we do Jager Nukes! Now fuck off!
by Eddyboi December 29, 2007
A variation of the jagerbomb, a jagernuke uses at least 8 oz. of red bull and 4 oz. of jagermeister. Jagernukes are usually chugged because of their unpleasant taste, which is similar to cough syrup.
I just had 3 jagernukes and now i'm groovin
by MyBodyHurts April 07, 2008
Typically done by Teenagers in someone's back yard with at least 3 people, Instead of dropping a shot of Jager into a glass of red bull, you take a full bottle of Jager and chug from it for at least 5 seconds, then chug from a large can of red bull for at least 5 seconds. Repeat until the bottle is empty.
Dom, Owen, and I did a Jager Nuke last night and when we woke up there was vomit all over the floor and we didn't remember what happened
by MCD2014 July 07, 2012
jager nuke A much larger stronger version of the famous shot jager bomb(Redbull and Jagermeister)
That Jager nuke really got me hammered.
by mike karate February 24, 2008
A much stronger, more pure Jager version of a Jagerbomb...has to be drunk out of a beer stein.

At least 20 shots of Jagermeister

Topped up with Red Bull, then mix

Down as much as possible in 30 seconds.
Mike: Im not drunk enough at this party Josh, what can i do?
Josh: Jager Nukes my friend. JAGER NUKES!
by The Cat 2010 March 30, 2010
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