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The material (often towel, tissue, toilet paper or nearby piece of paper crumpled to softness) used to ejaculate in to at the end of a strenuous masturbatory session.
What they don't often advertise, is that the ShamWow makes a FANTASTIC Jag Rag.
by Sting Cunt-Stomper August 13, 2010
a rag used to clean up the mess after jacking (jaggin) off
i used alans bath towell for my jag rag and didnt tell him
by gggggggggggggunit November 19, 2004
1. Any rag or towel used for cleaning or removing ejaculate, spunk or other love juices.
Don't touch that towel, it's Justin's Jag Rag
by Maguesta June 11, 2013
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