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The art of seeking out and stalking jaffys or freshmen until a friendly relationship is established. The jaffy hunter then uses the jaffy for easy hook ups at parties or events.
Man this jaffy hunting has payed of really well. Ive been after 3 girls for months and hooked up with them all at the party last night.
by Heath Lowe May 29, 2009
The act of seeking and using Jaffys (Just Another Fucking First Year/ aka. Freshmen) in a sexual manner by taking advantage of their naivety of uni life.

Many look down on this as it can seem sleazy, but is appealing to some as it is easy. To some individuals it can be entertaining and almost seen as a sport to few.
-'One of the things I want to do by the end of uni is go Jaffy Hunting'

-'Man, I'm so horny today. That's it. I'm going Jaffy Hunting tonight'
by jaffy_hunter_supreme October 09, 2011
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