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noun - 1. A thin cylinder of finely cut tobacco rolled in paper for smoking

2. Can have numbers added on the end to mean different variations e.g. Jaff No.4 = A joint
"Wanna go for a jaff?"
by dreamy February 14, 2012
jaff is the name of a person,and means the trusthworthy,handsome,loving,kind,never likes to upset anyone,something that is perfect.also means shearer.
jaff my my friend,worked together with him and has discovered his great potentails.
by sanu December 26, 2003
Stands for Just Another Fantasy Franchise.

Harry Potter has caused an explosion of profitable (if not well written) fantasy book series being turned into movies, games, terrible fanart...
This term describes any games, books or films cashing in on the recent slew of vampires, magic and swords.
"Hey, is Eragon any good?"
"Nah, it's jaff. Read Narnia instead."
by spaszlaw December 03, 2011
To insert an object into the pee hole of the penis for sexual stimulation.
Jason jaffed himself with a pencil.
by Lovie S. February 17, 2008
(v) To masturbate
I caught the dirty bugger jaffing all over my 'Shaven Ravers'.
by 's nobody March 25, 2004
Term for referring to a demented child, especially those that have convinced themselves they are a cake. They are lacking in intelligence and very easy to fool
I done ya as easy as Jaff
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
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