A vaporizing pipe used everyday. Called Jafar because it makes you feel like a geenie.
Dude, lets hit Jafar, get some Jack in the Box, and play some COD...and possibly body surfing.
by sohigh05 April 02, 2009
Top Definition
The main antagonist (evil villain) of the Classic Disney movie Alladin. He was turned into a Genie and returned in the sequel to Alladin, Alladin The Return of Jafar.
Jafar is always trying to get that lamp.

Jafar is evil.
by J "the G" 3 January 21, 2009
Originally, the term jafar was used as a person with Arabian decent, however in recent times the noun has changed to more of an adjective.

In the modern era, the term jafar is that used to describe someone as a brother of the crimson twins refer to jafarsole and jarforehead

the jafar is a person that has a particulary pointed chin, in a square shape.
Person 1: "o-m-g its a jafar..?"

person 2: "o-m-g its a mother faking jafar..!"

person 1: "jafarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

person": "recognise, feel the size, its a mother facking crimson chin!"
by joe williamsons May 19, 2008
somebody from very very (jafar) far way! often referred to as a person from India or the middle east.
The stinking Jafar's in front of us smell like nasty curry sauce!
by spoolinem2 July 27, 2011
A slang term for someone of Middle-Eastern decent ,brown skinned, and occasionally wearing a sultan hat or turban. Similar to the term Aladdin but more derogatory. Jafars have been known to smell like curry, work at 7 11s, sporting gold chains and in some instances ninja attire . Most Jafars reside in Brampton (aka Bramladesh) where they carry on their family tradition of living in squatter housing units harboring fifty plus relatives, making carpets, charming snakes and rubbing lamps.
Example 1: "If I can't wish someone 'Merry Christmas' then there is no way that a Jafar should wear a turban."
Example 2: "Man I really hate those Jafars."
Example 3: Man1: "What the hell is that guy wearing?" .. Man2: "I have no idea but god is that Jafar smelly!"
Example 4: Wife: "This new carpet I bought kinda smells like curry." .. Husband: "You must have bought it from a Jafar!"
Example 5: "Did you see how many Jafars moved in next door!"
Example 6: Daughter: "My friend Debesh wants to come over." .. Mother: "I don't want you making friends with Jafars."
by DirtShwaz June 02, 2011
Just Another Fucking Austrailian, used in the ski resort town of Whistler, British Columbia to describe the large amount of Austrailian tourists and employees.
Look at all these Jafar's cloggin up the runs!
by Andrews January 03, 2005
A term used for a male of Arabian decent. As well as one whose last name is Zafar...hence the rhyme induced. Jafar is originally the name of the Saltins Royal Bressierre from Aladdin who ultimately wished himself a Genie. Extremely racist term...but good for the laugh.
Also used to describe someone with a tendency to blow shit up.
See also: terrorist
1.When you blow the school up, make sure I'm not in it Jafar.
2.Howabout you threaten the lively hood of Agrabah again Jafar.
by Damon Don Juan June 23, 2005
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