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A highly trained special force branch of the Danish (Danske) Armed forces, also known as military. Commonly compared to the British SAS, almost every time those two come out even when battling against each-other on who is the better unit. Both the SAS and Jaegerkorpset are compared to the American Delta's (force), however, Research, testing, and comparison's show that the SAS, Jaegerkorpset, and NZ-SAS are all more trained, stronger, and better on the battlefield than the Delta's.

Jaegerkorpset means Huntsman Corps in English.

They're active weapons are commonly the L85a2 and very rarely, but sometimes the M4(a1/a2/a3)

Founded: 1 November 1961

Casualties: 1

To join or get in the Jaegerkorpset you must first complete a minimum of 5 years in the Royal Danish Army, or show you are skilled, prepared, and loyal enough.. However, you will then, after each or either of those, must complete a list of extremely hard training that will test the limits to the human body and mind.


Introduces the candidate to the subjects covered in the patrol course, and gives the candidate a feel for what he must get better at.
More training and evaluation in the above covered subjects.
More training and evaluation in the above covered subjects with tougher requirements.
Patrol Course
Basic patrol skills. This course must be completed at a satisfactory level to continue the aspirant course.
Aspirant Course
Basic parachuting course
Combat Swimming Course
Survival Course
Delta: We only have 200 soldiers here, and there's 4 TALIBAN, We can't take this any longer!

Jaegerkorpset soldat: Should I kill them? Let me get my knife.
by Panda__BEAAR June 30, 2013
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