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A beyond-beautiful Asian girl. Fun to hang with. Born funny! A mild sense of humor, with a witty side. Short Jadeyn's are the best. They like to hide and be crazy. Big dark eyes, and great sense of style. Whenever you're with her she makes you smile. Beautiful in every way! Cherish her when you have her because once she is gone, she's left a mark in your heart that can't be filled. <3
Awww... I miss my Jadeyn-like friend!!
by Amberr<33 January 15, 2011
Jadeyn's are really hot they normally pull in all the chicks. They usally have beautiful brown eyes and blonde hair. Jadeyn's are the hottest guys you will ever meet! Jadeyn's are usally really good a football and really smart! their sexy too!I'm happy i know a Jadeyn
Person 1: WOW! his hot!!
Person 2: i love his eyes!
person 3: yeah that's a Jadeyn!
by Living1 November 20, 2012