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Jade-Waffle is when you suffer from being a Jade. She's a gorilla tampon, very ugly. She likes to flirt with people, and Jade's are addicted to abortions. That's the main part of having Jade-Waffle. Jade's like to gain weight, they can't stop eating. They're mainly fat, some Jade's are really pretty and skinny, if you suffer from Jade-Waffle you're NOT sexy, or skinny. Jade's like to fuck. They use the term 'cunt' a lot, because they like theirs to be licked on. Most of the time, they make confetti by queefing. They spread their legs apart, stick some stars, construction paper, and glitter up there. They suck it up, then queef it out. They like the feeling. Sometimes Jade's like to have hot sauce poured all over them, especially on their bugars, so they can make mating calls with ugly people and tigers, then fertilize macaroni. If you DO suffer from Jade-Waffle, these all imply to you. Also, half the time Jade's that have Jade-Waffle play with roasted duck legs, fuck everything they see, make out with trees, lick the testicles of cows, and squeeze out mayonnaise. If they ever TOUCH sea salt, the tip of their nipples will inflate.
Woah, it's Jade!
Yeah, she has Jade-Waffle.
by Lalalallalalalwhore. October 21, 2010
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