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Originating from the classic Simpsons episode 'Homer Goes to College' the term Jade Monkey has been coined as a small bottle of alcohol used only for shots that mysteriously appears while drinking max beers.
The night became rather rambunctious once Leif gifted the party with shots from his Jade Monkey
by Dahn! July 30, 2013
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Found in the greater Milwaukee Area, a treasured statue small in size often valued by only elite collectors.

Was recently stolen from an elite collection just outside Milwaukee and has yet to be recovered

"Someone's life may be on the line"
Find the jade monkey, there are 13 clues.
by M1STY January 06, 2008
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A mystical creature that was created out of stupid drunkety talk, that possesses extreme powers when armed with the jade stone.
I've searched all of Mingara and can't find the Jade Monkey. It might be at the Burma servo
by sarahjames August 05, 2006
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The holy matramony of cheep beer (colt 45, OE) and Lime-ade.

Rio only had limeade, so Alex had to fix himself a jade monkey instead of a brass monkey
by Enorelbot September 12, 2007
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