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to climb, jump, flip over an obstacle/person in an acrobatic manner.

the cops had me cornered so i did a Jacky Chan over the wall.
by godofdoss August 15, 2008
Funny Kung Fu star who broken many bones doing his own crazy stunts. Unknown to many, he is actually a womanizer that knocked up a few less famous celebrities. One of the if not the only Action Asian actor to ever kiss a white woman on Holly wood screen in "The spy next door". This is significant since in Holly Wood it is popular and a norm to portray Asian men as "noble savages" and sexually inadequate.
Jacky Chan is in fact Yoda in disguise.
by pspspps June 14, 2010
A chinese action star who don't know how to speak English.
Who?! Jacky Chan?! That motherfucker can't even speak English!
by Yadda January 31, 2005