The ultimate action verb. Used to describe a stunt-like action that involves both daring, quick reflexes, and style. Most commonly used when telling a story of past feats you have accomplished or when telling someone to do something incredible using your body or in heavy traffic.
"Jackie Chan it." When urging your friends to drive into fast moving traffic.
"I Jackie Chan-ed it over the wall."
"I Jackie Chan-ed it down the stairs."
by Etrix November 12, 2007
Top Definition
He is a chinese Hollywood superstar. He is the master of Martial Arts. He is very fast in fighting and his face is graceful. He is the best actor of Martial Arts and comedy movies.
"I train not to finish my opponents, I train to have a strong body and a sane mind."-Jackie Chan in the movie "Gorgeous"
by Samurai Katsu September 15, 2003
The only manan fight ten people with a shoe and a broomstick.
Man, Jackie Chan totally killed those guys using the CD cases.
by Bebea July 16, 2005
The greatest man Alive
Jackie Chan is the greatest man alve.
by Brian October 31, 2004
Pure awesomeness ... except for Tuxedo.
"Howdy parner!"
by Mister Ignorant May 17, 2004
Used as a verb, means to "attack," "physically abuse," or "totally whoop," something or someone. Often used in jest.
"You ate the last doughnut! Man, I oughta Jackie Chan your ass for that."
by Bryce February 28, 2004
A man who is greater and more powerful than Chuck Norris.
Jackie Chan does all his own stunts. He has injured himself a lot while performing them and even cheated death during one.
by some guy from Hell August 31, 2009
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