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1. a melding of the words "jackass" and "fantastic"
2. conceived or appearing as if conceived by an unrestrained imagination of a stupid incompetent fool
3. fanciful or capricious, as foolish and stupid persons or their ideas or actions
4. extravagantly stupid; marvelously idiotic
5. highly unrealistically or impractically stupid; outlandishly stupid
6. having been inspired by the movie or tv show "Jackass"
7. most anything involving or originating from the state of texas
As compensation for overselling the Super Bowl and costing four hundred people thousands of dollars and the chance to see the game live, the jackasstastic Jerry Jones's solution was to give them some money, then take them to a bar, and let them watch the game on television.

I will continue this conversation with you, provided that your jackasstastic views on right-wing conservatism, scientology, or the dallas cowboys stay in check from now on.
by crashincymbals February 07, 2011
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