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1. An unfathomable moron
The word JackMonkey was origonally a derivative of "jack off" that was created in a moment of absolute frustration. The defining factor of a JackMonkey is their inability to grasp even the simplest concepts that are new to them.
I tried to teach that JackMonkey to tie his shoes but all he managed to do was get his fingers stuck in knots.
by JM Delif May 06, 2007
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A term used to describe those with undenyable stupidity in everyday situations.
"hey, isn't Barcelona a country...?"

"NO, you damn JACK-MONKEY!!"
by Bat-gump June 19, 2006
A derogatory term describing any individual who is acting in an unintelligent manner.

The combination of "jackass" and "monkey".
Man, can you believe that jackmonkey just cut me off?!
by Jx2 May 09, 2005
For little ghetto kids who aren't old enough to call people jack a@s yet, there is jack monkey. A perfectly acceptable synonym which prevents a whoopin for using a bad word.
Getcho self over here and get some red kool-aid, you jack monkey!
by Ginger DixonGlitz March 21, 2009
Some ass that monkeys in your business and tells you some jacked-up story just to jerk you around and stoke you.
That jackmonkey left without paying for his groceries.
by Corri Deegan March 09, 2006
someone with no patience who laughs at things that really aren't funny at all. they are also beautiful and adorable.
yea shes a total jack monkey. she hung up on me after 3 seconds of me being away from the phone. shes real cute though.
by dabl February 25, 2008

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