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Its an action of pulling a super slick CIAish move like Jack Bauer from 24. When you pull a Jack its something amazing that will save your or the whole world. When you Jack it means that you have just made a BEAST move or you have achieved superiority. When you pull a Jack it means that you have gotten yourself out of something that no one else could've except for Jack Bauer-Kiefer Sutherland
Wow he went all Jack on his ass
Yeah dude you just wonder why the police keep chasing him
I don't know all i know is man he is amazing
Yeah he always pulls a JACK
by beast23chicago March 28, 2009
831 488
A 100% undesireable douchebag that will break your heart. Never trustworthy. Always looking for another girl to cheat on you with. Lies a lot. Criticizes you to no end.
My boyfriend Jack just stomped on my heart.
by mylifesucks123 November 30, 2011
7 12
is a slang name for cigarette in the DMV area(D.C/MD/VA)
by TAYEDOG October 24, 2011
2 7
Jack is a dick, and he has a small dick too. Half of his dick is inside his personality.
That kid Jack is an asshole.
by duster69 May 17, 2012
3 9
This guy is an ultimate farmer. He is rather large and a bit of a jack. He likes to think he has friends when in reality he is all on his 'jack'. he bigs himself up and pretends that he is hard but he is truly whipped.
"yo that kid's such a jack!"
by danny mayer November 15, 2011
1 7
Slang for money, usually refers to large amounts.
To get a car that nice, this guy had to spend some jack.
by TommyNoleFin May 03, 2011
3 9
A wanka who uses girls for sexual shit when all they want is a honest relationship
That dudes a jack

How'd ya kno he fingered me
by Jdavidson April 29, 2011
3 9
Usually used to buy a certain amount of weed worth £5 but has now been morphed to just plainly mean £5 in London Street language (jafaican)
"Oi rob, have you got enough for the cinema?"
"Nah Fam, I only got a jacks, buck (lend) me a nugget (pound)"
by Fiverdotman April 16, 2007
14 20