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Noun, Person:

The late TV side-kick of the legendary British comedian Benny Hill, Jack Wright was the constant recipient of what came to be Hill's signature "head pat" - a comic device for which Wright's conspicuously bald, wizened head undoubtedly made him uniquely well suited.
Entry number 541 in The Big Book of 1000 Things You Never Want to Hear on a First Date: "I know! You look just like that little guy on Benny Hill! What was his name... oh yeah, Jack Wright!"

Mark: "C'mon man, you've gotta go! I mean, we're a team, a classic duo!"
Dave: "...Right..."
Mark: "...like Cheech and Chong!"
Dave: "Uh huh."
Mark: "...like Sonny and Cher!"
Dave: "Uh..."
Mark: "...like Benny Hill and Jack Wright!"
Dave: "..."
Dave "Drink poison."
by Joshua B. Wright April 07, 2004

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