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Any female, with large rounded breasts that have a tendency to bounce rhythmically as they walk.
'Look at that hot jabberwalkie coming towards us...' 'check out the jabberwalkie at 2 o'clock...'

From the slang words jabs meaning breasts and 'walkie' meaning walker.

- The first human jabberwalkie encounter occured in a restaurant on the island of Hvar, Croatia, September 2010 - Specimen X
by Curragh Crusader April 19, 2011
An individual who makes non-evidential claims and walks (or continues talking) away in attempts of avoiding criticism.
Did you see that Westboro Baptist jabberwalkie dance around those questions?
by Reliquary October 26, 2011
a fatty, or rather large person
your mom is a jabberwalkie
by Jack In Dabox March 05, 2007