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(a) A jabberjay is a genetic mutation from the series The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, used for the war during The Dark Days (the rebellion of the people against the government). After the war, they bred with mockingbirds to produce mockingjays.

(b) A "Jabberjay" is also what die-hard and totally obsessed fans of aforementioned series call themselves.
The jabberjays could memorize long passages of the District people's plans - but eventually, the District people started feeding the Jabberjays lies, making them utterly useless.

I got Mockingjay the first day it came out and red it in thirty minutes flat. I am such a total jabberjay.
by JabberjayAndProud July 05, 2011
A bird that can mimics voice and words. Genetic altered birds made by the capital. Also appeared in The Catching Fire Movie. They were abandoned off to die, but instead, they mated the female mocking birds and give birth to the MockingJays. The JabberJays were use on enemies to spy.
The JabberJays don't say, They only repeat.
The JabberJays are like parrots ,but they can mimic voice.
by TheUrbanGirlNextDoor November 01, 2014
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