a character off of star wars, an immensely obese character who catches leia, ties her up and "tries" dirty things...none of which succeed b/c...he's so fucking fat. also a term used for huge lardous people.
kid #1: your girlfriend is such a jabba the hut.
kid #2: yeah...but i love her. but sometimes it's hard to fornicate.
kid #1: ...
#star wars #fatties #huge #motherfucking #fat ass
by Kim L'Amour October 01, 2006
Top Definition
A man or woman with many chins.
Damn, she's Jabba the Hut. She has no neck!
by GreenMonter March 25, 2005
Usually known as the character in starwars, but in cliffside park, nj, she is known as the town's fatass, also known for being the reason for world hunger, she also blows people by the Korean church and completely devouring the snack bar. Occasionaly hitting up the salad bar when she feels like she can't fit in her size 32 jeans.
Joey: Yo where's the ice cream?

Lunch Lady: We had to put them in in jabba the huts rolls, she's having a hot flash.


Jabba: Do I look fat in these jeans?

Girl: Is that a serious question?
#jabba #hut #nj #starwars #mcdonalds
by babycake1115 May 08, 2009
It is for a really fat person
yo jabba the hut is coming
by J Moore May 16, 2005
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