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Jaap is the name given to the most awesome people. They rock at everything they do, making everybody else love them beyond limits. Jaap is a God amongst men, everything he touches turns to gold and everything he says is true.. Jaaps tend to be the best looking people alive (or dead), and have very large male productive organs. Jaap is (the) Future.
Check out what Jaap is doing, he is my hero!

Ooh, Jaap is soo hot, I must have his babies.
by TomorrowTime May 13, 2009
A person who generally aces everything from sports to education. A Jaap is known to be great as a friend, a Jaap will make everyone laugh all the time and won't ever let you down. A Jaap is also widely known to be successful in business. Basically, being a Jaap is considered being a rolemodel in everything that is considered important in western society.
Last but not least, Jaaps have dicks longer and thicker than a motherfucker, regularly fucking bitches silly in all three holes before making them swallow a huge load.
Guy: Yo, ya heard? Jaap is in the city again! We'z gonna get our party on tonight!
Girl: Dawg you just heard that shit right now? He's been here all week pounding my ass, why the hell do you think I walk like this? sheeeit.
by hermanbrood April 03, 2009
A person who annoys people named Bob.
Bob: Hey guys!
Guys: Jaap!
Bob: *:(*
by Lyzo October 26, 2010
A Jewish American-Asian Princess. Similar to a jap, jaaps are spoiled and enjoy designer clothes. They usually are attracted to men in relationship. In addition, jaaps are usually insecure about the "second A", asian.
Person 1: "That girl is such a jaap!"
Person 2: "You mean Chloe?"
Person 1: "She is still a jaap."
by jaaplikewest October 23, 2009
Has the cutest little smile. He adores girls but they don't see him as a dating kind of boy. Probably turns out to like guys.
Is that your boyfriend Jaap?

Yes, that's him. Too bad he pays more attention to guys..
by Dictionarywriter May 23, 2015
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